Rotator Cuff Tear

Diagnosis: Rotator Cuff Tear

(Thanks to one of your former patients, I became aware of your treatments for rotator cuff tears. I was previously told by my orthopedic surgeon that surgery was my only prudent option. He also mentioned that biologic treatments with stem cells did not work.Well I am living proof that they indeed work. After a short recovery, I was back in sports with minimal to no discomfort. Doc like to say, cells are mightier than steel.)

Treatment: Adipose Derived Stem Cell Graft

Painful Hip Arthritis

Diagnosis: Painful Hip Arthritis

"After multiple hip injections and physical therapy, my hip pain was still incapacitating. I was told that nothing else works and ultimately a total hip replacement was the only option. It is amazing how your treatments have change my life, I am no longer thinking about retirement." K.I. Plano, TX

Treatment: Hip injection of AMNIOTIC TISSUE GRAFT

Painful Degenerative Disc Disease

Diagnosis: Painful Degenerative Disc Disease

"I have been suffering from severe back pain for numerous years. The pain was so bad that I was going to loose my college athletic scholarship. I was so desperate that almost underwent a 3 level back fusion, as recommended by my surgeon. It has been three months since you treated my lumbar disc and the pain relief is still awesome. Now I can finish my college education without fear of loosing my scholarship. Thank you Dr. Garcia and Staff." JH, San Juan, PR

Treatment: L-3,4,5 Intra-Discal BONE MARROW DERIVED STEM CELLS

Painful Lumbar Herniated and Degenerative Disc Disease

Diagnosis: Painful Lumbar Herniated and Degenerative Disc Disease

As a busy healthcare practitioner, I treat patient with back pain everyday. In my wildest dreams I thought that one day I will be in the receiving end. Being a firm believer in regenerative medicine, I underwent several procedures my prominent physicians with excellent reputations. My results were positive, but my low back pain persisted. I consulted with a Neurosurgeon who recommended a Lumbar fusion as the indicated treatment. This was not what I wanted to hear, since I usually treat numerous patients, which had less than ideal results with these invasive treatments. When I heard that a doctor in Texas was performing this advanced disc treatments, I was curious and skeptical, but decided to come and see you. Your office was fantastic and helpful with my visit. Your explanation was extensive and educational. Fast forward six months and I am 90% better. I am still amazed at the results. Hope this lasts for a long time. "P.S. Will send you lots of referrals. J.W. St. Louis, MO

Treatment: L-4 Intra-Discal Reconstruction with ADIPOSE DERIVED STROMAL STEM CELLS and BIOLOGIC SCAFFOLDS

Tennis Elbow

Diagnosis: Tennis Elbow

"For the past several years, my elbow pain became so intense that I had to quit my life long passion, tennis. I had multiple steroid injections, which did absolutely nothing. Just when I had given up on tennis, one of my friends told me about your new treatment for tennis elbow. After only two months post procedure, I am back full swing in tennis. Thank you for everything." B.D. Flower Mound, TX

Treatment: Elbow TENEX TENOTOMY

Chronic Ankle Sprain due to ligament damage

Diagnosis: Chronic Ankle Sprain due to ligament damage

Since injuring my ankle during high school volleyball, I began suffering from chronic ankle pain and weakness, with frequent sprains. I tried everything and nothing ever worked. Now I am back in active sports, Zumba dancing and surfing. Can even begin to express my gratitude. Keep up the good work. N.P. Honolulu, HI

Treatment: Ankle Ligament Injection with PRP and Peptide Therapy

Painful wrist due to Cartilage Defect

Diagnosis: Painful wrist due to Cartilage Defect

When I first came to see you, I had serious pain in my wrist due to wrist cartilage damage from a snowboard accident. My surgeon wanted to operate, but you convince me to give regenerative medicine a chance. Wow, it was the best decision I've ever made. My wrists thank you. M.G. Los Angeles, CA

Treatment: Wrist Joint injections with PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Patellar Chondromalacia

Diagnosis: Patellar Chondromalacia

Thank you doc for everything you have done for me. As you know, ever since that firefight in Iraq, my knees have been giving problems. Now my pain is mostly gone and the knees feel great. W.S. Dallas, TX

Treatment: Knee Joint injections with PROLOTHERAPY