How Long Will I Have to Wait for My Initial Evaluation?


How Long Will I Have to Wait for My Initial Evaluation?

Patients are generally scheduled within two weeks for a new evaluation. Based on your specific condition or needs, you may be seen within 24 hours.

What Is the Procedure for the Initial Evaluation?

Patients will receive a welcome packet in the mail, prior to their visit, to fill in at their leisure, thereby reducing waiting time at the office. You may also download the forms through the patient form section in the web site. This will contain all the necessary information needed for your first visit. You will be evaluated by a Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician. Our staff includes nurses and a Certified Nurse Practitioner. After your initial examination, Dr. Garcia will discuss with you the most effective program for your problem.

Most patients are seen and treated on an outpatient basis, although under certain conditions, treatments may require hospitalization. We will keep your family doctor or referring physician informed of the nature of your treatment and of your progress.

What If I Have Questions About My Treatment?

The Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute recognizes that medical procedures can at times be unsettling. Every effort is made to simply and completely answer all questions related to procedures.  The Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute (RSJI) believes that patient education is paramount to the healing process. We offer informational brochures and booklets on the most common problems treated and procedures performed.

What Are the Billing Procedures and Payment Options for My Treatment?

The Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute accepts most insurance plans in the area. We also accept all insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. Billing procedures, are simplified by sending bills only after an insurance statement and payment are received. This ensures correct billing the first time. Our financial adviser is fully trained to answer any questions about your bills or to help with your questions about insurance forms. Our office accepts cash, personal checks as well as VISA and MasterCard.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for Regenerative Medicine interventions and other procedures?

Benefits vary per employer. Our staff will do a complete benefit check and review your benefits with you, if you wish. All your financial questions will be answered to the best of our ability with the information available. Some insurance plans considered regenerative medicine interventions investigational by nature and do not provide coverage.

If Insurance Is Involved, What Is My Financial Responsibility?

Patient responsibility depends on what benefits your employer purchased in your insurance plan. Each employer is different in what they choose to provide as covered benefits. We will verify your benefits before your appointment and we can help you understand your insurance coverage and your financial responsibility during your financial consultation.

If I Have No Health Insurance Coverage, What Is the Cost of My Treatment?

The costs can vary depending on what type of treatment is needed by the patient. We will be happy to arrange a conference with our insurance specialist to review the costs in detail with you.

Do I Have to Get My Insurance Pre-authorization or Do You Do It?

If your insurance requires a pre-authorization to see a specialist, then you must get a referral from your Primary Care Provider to see an interventional regenerative pain medicine specialist for an initial appointment. After the initial consultation, our office will obtain any future pre-authorizations, sometimes with the assistance of your referring doctor.

If My Insurance Plan Requires a Pre-authorization, Can I Be Seen or Start Treatment Without the Authorization? Can I Get a Retroactive Authorization?

Unfortunately, most plans that require an authorization will not issue authorization after treatment. Such authorizations usually apply only to emergency cases involving potential for loss of limb, eyesight, or life.

Do I Need a Referral in Order to Be Evaluated?

Some insurance plans require referral by your Primary Care Provider prior to be seen by a specialist. However, some insurance companies do not require prior referral. If you have no insurance or our institute is out of network, referral is not required.

Does the Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute routinely prescribe long term narcotics for pain control?

At the Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute we do not provide chronic opioid therapy as part of our treatments. If you are currently under the care of another provider which is prescribing chronic opioid therapy, it is your responsibility to inform him about our policies.