The most common question new patients ask our office staff when inquiring about practice is: How good is the doctor performing these interventions? After practicing Interventional Pain Medicine for nearly 30 years and Interventional Regenerative Medicine (Biologic and Stem Cell Therapies) for 13 years, it has become obvious to our patients and our medical colleagues that Experience Matters. There is no book knowledge, nor weekend courses (IStem Cells Injections) that can replace clinical experience. “Knowledge without experience is theory, however knowledge with experience is wisdom”.


The second most common question new patients ask our staff is: What type of training does the doctor have? Traditional medical specialties like Anesthesiology and Physical Medicine train their physician in multiple injections therapies and procedures to treat pain and musculoskeletal medicine conditions. Recently, physicians in other specialties have begun a new trend in learning.  They attend  weekend courses and other short courses, by non-accredited institutes, and suddenly  become Stem Cell Doctors. We encourage our patients to ask their physicians the following questions: What is their specialty? What type of training and experience do they have? Where did they train, and when? Only then, patients can have enough information to assess the competency of their regenerative medicine doctor. Dr. Garcia has performed over 30,000 interventions in interventional  pain medicine and has treated thousands of patients with regenerative medicine techniques during the last 30 years. He has also trained extensively during the last 12 years in Musculo-Skeletal Sonography, with allows precise diagnosis and guidance during complex interventions. Furthermore, obtaining extensive training during the past 10 years in other medical disciplines such as, Wellness Medicine, Bio-Mechanics, Plastic Surgery (training in lipo-aspirate grafting), Stem Cell Medicine and Molecular Biology (over 300 hours).


Along with performing state of the art  regenerative medicines interventions throughout the years, but  we have developed new tissue engineering bio-cellular therapies, utilized in the treatment of degenerative disc disease and other conditions. Our practice was the first in the United States to perform a complex tissue engineering treatment involving autologous mesenchymal stem cells with scaffolding to successfully treat a patient with advanced symptomatic degenerative disc disease. This work was presented in an international regenerative medicine conference IFATS, Quebec in 2012.


Our decision-making process based on the patient’s specific medical condition and not on their financial resources.


Our practice offers compassionate, cost effective and personalized, precision-based regenerative interventions. We utilize a holistic approach by treating the whole human being, with a painful or degenerative condition and not an MRI or a herniated disc. Our proprietary evaluation tool assesses the overall patient’s ability to heal- we call this the Regenerative Body Index. We also assess the specific structure’s (joint, disc, nerve) ability to heal based on the stage of injury or degeneration, known as the Regenerative Index (for example the Regenerative Disc Index). When combined, both evaluation tools can predict greater accuracy of patient’s response to our regenerative medicine interventions. More importantly, we recognize that performing the most advance regenerative medicine interventions is a small portion of what determines long-term outcomes. In order to improve our we need to optimize our patient’s ability to heal by encouraging them to engage in a Regenerative Lifestyle. This consists of proper nutrition, exercise, avoiding damaging lifestyle choices, optimizing their hormones and addressing the psychological wellbeing.