The Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute (RSJI) Approach

We offer the most advanced, personalized, precision and science based regenerative medicine interventions, for the treatment of spine related conditions. Our approach and treatment decisions are based on the evaluation of the Patient Regenerative Index, (a proprietary classification of your body’s ability to heal), in conjunction with the Degenerative Disc Index (a proprietary classification of the disc state of degeneration). The above evaluation system was developed after treating patients with disc related problems for over 25 years and performing bio-cellular interventions, for the last 10 years.

We utilize The B.E.T.R System with Bio-Cellular Therapies, which is an accurate, reproducible, comprehensive and science-based system. “B.E.T.R,” was developed based on the principles of Biologic Enhancement of Tissue Repair, which defines our ultimate treatment goal. By utilizing specific biologic tissue engineering techniques, we can successfully treat early to the advanced degenerative disc conditions.