Welcome to our Practice

The Regenerative Spine and Joints Institute (RSJI) would like to welcome you to our practice. It is a privilege to be chosen as your regenerative spine and musculo-skeletal medicine providers. Like millions of Americans, you may be suffering from some type of pain syndrome, due to injury, chronic wear and tear, or degeneration. At RSJI we understand the complex nature of pain and how it can adversely affect every aspect of your life. Our staff is highly trained in the diagnosis and management in the most challenging acute and chronic spine and musculo-skeletal conditions.

Our Expertise:

We specialize in the treatments of painful spine, joints and musculoskeletal conditions with the most advanced, minimally invasive tissue engineering based, regenerative medicine interventions. We are recognized nationally and internationally, as one of the most innovative, advanced, comprehensive and forward thinking institutions in the field of regenerative medicine. By recognizing that every individual is unique, we utilize a proprietary approach and system, in order to provide personalized, precision-based regenerative interventions. Our goal is to enhance your body’s innate regenerative potential in order to heal, repair and restore function.

Our Mission:

By providing compassionate, ethical care, in conjunction with utilizing state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic regenerative medicine interventions, we can help you manage the pain, restore and improve your quality of life.

RSJI is a research-oriented, private practice based, interventional regenerative medicine facility. We are constantly evolving, innovating and enhancing our protocols in our in-house state of the art, biologic facility to provide the most innovative and advanced treatments for painful spine/musculoskeletal conditions. We collaborate with some of the most influential Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell scientist throughout the United States, in order to provide the best care to our patients. Our website is designed to be informative and provide basic information regarding our approach and treatments. As you can ascertain from our website, we do not treat every condition with the same (stem cells) treatments. We recognized your uniqueness as an individual and base our interventions on a sound, science based approach, in order optimize your natural healing potential. Again, thank you for allowing us to be an integral part of your healthcare and recovery